• 3rd Grade Unit 1: Forces and Interactions "BIG SCIENCE WORDS"

    In this unit, we use some words that are specific to Science. It is not the intention that all students will master these words, but with repeated exposure to these words, students may start using them appropriately. Consider using the words with your child in order to help them see science in the world around them.

    Attract: a force that pulls objects toward each other

    Balanced Forces: forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction (they do not cause a change in motion)

    Electromagnetism: the force that makes magnets attract or repel each other and similarly makes objects of opposite electrical charge attract each other

    Force: something that causes a change in the motion (speed or direction) of an object Friction: a force between two objects rubbing against each other that resists the movement

    Gravity: a force that pulls an object down, the force that pulls all objects toward each other

    Interaction: particular way things affect one another, such as through gravity or electromagnetism

    Magnitude: the amount, quantity or value (of force in a system)

    Momentum: the property that a moving object has due to its mass or motion

    Repel: a force that pushes an object back or away

    Unbalanced forces: forces that cause a change in the motion of objects