• 3rd Grade Unit 3: Weather "BIG SCIENCE WORDS"

    In this unit, we use some words that are specific to Science. It is not the intention that all students will master these words, but with repeated exposure to these words, students may start using them appropriately. Consider using the words with your child in order to help them see science in the world around them.

    Accumulation: A build-up or total amount gathered together.

    Climate: The average temperature and precipitation in a region measured from years to centuries.

    Condensation: Liquid water that forms in the air from water vapor.

    Evaporation: Water moving from bodies of water into the air.

    Flood-prone: In an area that is likely to flood with heavy rains or overflowing rivers.

    Moisture: Water in liquid or vapor form.

    Precipitation: Liquid or solid water that falls to Earth’s surface from clouds.

    Region: An area or portion of an area.

    Seasonal: Happens at the same time each year.

    Severe: Very bad, harsh, or unnecessarily extreme.

    Weather: The condition of the atmosphere in an area at a particular time, such as temperature, precipitation, and wind.