• 4th Grade Unit 3 - Waves: Waves and Information "Big Science Words"

    In this unit, we will be using some words that are unique to Science. It isn’t the intention that all students will master these words, but with exposure to these words, some students may start using them appropriately. Consider using the words with your child in order to kep them see science in the world around them.

    Amplitude: The greatest distance away from the resting point. This is the height from the center to the crest or trough in a water wave.

    Analog: Information or waves that are in a continuous stream.

    Binary: In this unit, it refers to binary code, a system of counting using 0’s and 1’s. Other representations may be a black/white pattern, or an on/off light.

    Crest: Highest point, or peak, of a wave.

    Digital: Information or signals that are broken into a sequence of 0’s and 1’s.

    Morse Code: A code in which letters, numbers and punctuation marks are written in a series of dots and dashes. These are communicated in short and long flashes of light, or short and long beeps.

    No net motion: When an object moves but does not change location. Zero net motion is the term used in 3rd grade.

    Signal: Patterns of coded information.

    Trough: Lowest point, or valley, of a wave.

    Wave length: The horizontal distance between two successive crests or troughs (e.g. in a water wave).

    Wave: Motion in a forward and backward pattern. Waves transfer energy from place to place.