• 4th Grade Unit 1: Structure, Function & Information Processing "BIG SCIENCE WORDS"

    In this unit, we will be using some words that are unique to Science. It is not the intention that all students will master these words, but with exposure to these words, some students may start using them appropriately. Consider using the words with your child in order to help them see science in the world around them.

    Brain: organ in the head that receives information from the senses, stores memories, controls body functions

    Component: a part of a whole system

    External Structure: a part on the outside of a living thing

    Function: what a structure of a living thing does

    Illuminate: brighten with light; to light up

    Information Processing: making sense of information

    Internal Structure: a part on the inside of a living thing

    Memory: remembers stored information

    Perception: becoming aware of something using the senses

    Reflect: bounce off an object

    Sensory Receptor: structures that receive information for taste, smell, hearing, balance and vision

    Stimulus: something that makes an activity happen