• 3rd Grade Unit 2: Interdepedent Relationships in Ecosystems "BIG SCIENCE WORDS"

    In this unit, we will be using some words that are unique to Science. It isn’t the intention that all students will master these words, but with exposure to these words, some students may start using them appropriately. Consider using the words with your child in order to help them see science in the world around them.

    Component: part of something such as a machine, or habitat

    Constraint: the limits to a design solution such as cost, time, materials, people, or size

    Criteria: the things the design solution must do in order to be successful

    Fossil: the remains or evidence of organisms, which have been preserved naturally.

    Geologic Timeline: a diagram that describes the times and relationships between physical events during Earth's history.

    Invasive species: a new organism that is brought to a habitat, which then causes harm to the organisms that live there.

    Organism: any living thing such as a plant, an animal or fungus.

    Reproduce: to create offspring.

    System: two or more parts that work well together.