Pearson Realize


    As part of our EnVisionMATH Program, we are excited to inform you of the availability of student/parent access to Pearson Realize.  The Pearson Realize website is an online resource that is in direct support of our math curriculum.  It allows you and your child access to such resources as the online student EnVision MATH textbook.  Additional features include interactive videos, games, and math tools.    


     How to access Pearson Realize:


    • Log onto


    • Click “Sign In” at the top of the web page.


    • Students’ usernames match their CSH computer user name, appended with csh.


    • For example, George Washington is gwashington24csh (first initial, last name, high school graduation year, csh)



    • The password for each student matches their CSH computer password. This is the password they use when they login to the school computers.