Cold Spring Harbor High School Property

  • In the early part of 1959, the combined Thicket and Hewlett properties were now the first choice. The Thicket Heights (Ketay) property was originally zoned for residential housing plots with tree named streets, for example, Fir and Beech Street.  Many of the tree named streets in the Main Street area of Cold Spring Harbor were originally part of the Ketay property in the 1930’s, for example Elm Street and Pine Drive.


    The Board of Education and the site committee researched this land package, which consisted of 17 parcels for seven months prior to the vote.  Since all the land was not presently for sale in 1959, its value was officially determined by legal condemnation proceedings by the Supreme Court of Suffolk County.


    On June 30, 1959, the voters approved by a large majority vote, the purchase of the 75.482 acre high school property for $319,700 and serial bonds were sold to pay for it in 1960.


    Four access roads were considered.  Poplar Place and Pine Drive were considered too steep. Turkey Lane and Lawrence Hill Road were the ones selected. The Turkey Lane entrance was created by purchasing land from two families.


    The 16.5 acre parcel closest to Lawrence Hill Road was intended to be a future elementary school.