• Proposed Junior High School Building:


    In May 1962, just four months after the school opened, Superintendent Dr. Kelly requested that the board decide whether the architect should proceed with the design plans for the extension of the high school as enrollment was rapidly increasing. A citizens committee, board members, and staff researched the options. Six different long range plans were developed, examined, and priced. In February 1963, the board recommended that a separate 400 student junior high school building for 7th and 8th graders be constructed on the high school property near the tennis courts. There was great sentiment in the district to physically separate the junior high students from the high school students. The existing Field House, library, and auditorium would be shared by both schools. A vote took place on March 6, 1963 and the $1,350,000 proposal was defeated.



    1963-1964 Addition:


    The citizens committee, board members, and staff looked at the other options to present to the residents. The citizens committee recommended that an addition be built onto the high school and the board unanimously adopted it. On December 3, 1963, the residents voted and approved a $1,495,700 proposal to build a 45,160 square foot addition to the high school to accommodate 400 junior high students. See the map on this page for other additions to the building.


    Construction started in July of 1964, with an anticipated completion by September of 1965. The addition would allow for increased capacity at the high school, allowing us to be able to accommodate 1,000 students in total. The junior high addition provided partial separation from the high school students.



     2000-2005 Addition:


    A $24,814,762 bond referendum was approved by the residents to make the following additions:


    • Tennis courts
    • All weather track
    • Additional gymnasium
    • Nine new classrooms
    • Additional gymnasium
    • Junior high library renovation
    • Educational space to enrich science, art, and music
    • Expanded auditorium (Performing Arts Center-PAC)


    The addition of the new gymnasium finally connected the Field House to the rest of the school.

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