• At first, the new school was simply referred to as “the High School”, according to the first principal, Fran Roberts. Eventually, new faculty, residents, and students began to ask what the new name was. Name choices for the high school were requested from East Side School, West Side School, and Lloyd Harbor School. The best three suggestions for a name from each school were sent to district office for consideration. At the April 18, 1961 board meeting, a unanimous agreement was made to include the four proposed names for the high school on the ballot as a separate proposition #3, at the annual May 2nd meeting. The voting results were as follows:

    Harbor High  63

    Laurel Hill High School  28

    Harbor Hill High School 78

    Cold Spring Harbor High School  132




    School Colors:

    A student committee chose five combinations of colors for the school, ballots were made, and a school wide vote took place. According to the December 20, 1961 school newspaper, The Harbor View, red and navy blue were chosen as the school colors.